Happy {DIY} Holidays

Decorations for the holidays can be exhausting, daunting, not to mention expensive for just a few weeks of enjoyment. So this year, rather than making separate Halloween and Thanksgiving decor, I made Fall decorations I was able to keep up from late September through Thanksgiving.

{DIY} Potion Bottles & Spell Book Covers

Book covers FREE printable from Little House on the Corner

{DIY} Fall Leaf Garland

  • I used scrapbook papers in various fall colors and a copy of the Declaration of Independence, since I was hanging it in my US History classroom.
  • After cutting out the leaves, I simply hole punched them and then strung them together using yarn.
  • Here is a great Fall Leaf Template, from the website of Lia Griffith

And then came Christmas time! I was a total Scrooge this year and opposed to decorating a tree. So instead, I took advantage of the chalkboard accent wall in my dining room and all the scrapbooking supplies I have, to create a more low-maintenance Christmas tree.

No vacuuming pine needles all month, YAY!

TIP: for pretty lettering, I just do an image search online “chalkboard typography” and whatever more specific thing I am looking for, in this case “Christmas”. This always brings up lots of possibilities and then you can just copy the lettering yourself, rather than having to  create your own design!

Happy Holidays,

~The Girl


Halloween Approaches

What to wear?!? As October begins the inevitable concern over this seemingly simple question begins to set in. For me, it’s more a case of too many ideas than none.

So after much contemplation, I had pretty much decided to go with either a fem version of Sherlock Holmes or Marie Antoinette.

But then my fiancé decided he felt in the Halloween spirit. So a couples costume was in order! I decided on something I thought would not only be fairly easy, pretty inexpensive, and would also be appropriate for us since we are soon to be married.

The Corpse Bride couple!

So here is a breakdown of what I need.

For Him:

  • Black Jacket
  • Silver Cravat
  • White and black face makeup

I found a black tux jacket at a Goodwill for $6. Score! It fits him pretty well, but needs to be taken in on the sides to give the more skinny effect of the character.

For Me:

  • Wedding Dress
  • Long Blue Wig
  • Blue Liquid Latex body paint
  • Veil with dried flowers

First, I immediately began scouring local thrift stores in the hopes of finding a wedding dress that would work for under $50. After a internet search, I discovered a place called Value Village. Major Score!! I’m not sure if they have these nationwide, but this place turned out to have several vintage wedding dresses, all for less than $50 and in surprisingly excellent condition. If you are ever in the market for a wedding dress to buy on the cheap, or an older dress for a costume, make sure to check this place out.

Anyway, here is the dress I purchased, which came with the original veil with flower crown! How perfect! I’m super excited to start the deconstruction process. Pictures on that to follow soon.

Here is what I hope it will look like when complete.



I also researched body paints and I decided to use liquid latex to make my skin the blue grey color of the character. Water based paints (like they use at carnivals for face painting) tends to rub off more easily, especially if they get wet from sweat. Oil based paints are available but require more skin prep work before applying, are toxic, and can be more difficult to remove. But liquid latex is non-toxic, doesn’t smudge, and should just peel right off. Before using, make sure you read all the info and make sure you are NOT allergic to latex.

So that’s it for now, very excited about this costume and looking forward to sharing the progress and results!

~The Girl


Here is a pic from my version of The Corpse Bride!


It’s October!

My favorite month is finally here! Finally some nice chilly Fall weather, plus warm soups, scarves, leather boots, chilli festivals, and my favorite…..No, not the opportunity make my own costume again silly.

Oh no wait, you’re right!

Because it’s almost HALLOWEEN! By far my favorite holiday. So in honor of the approaching All Hallows Eve, I thought I would share with you my costumes from last year.

First, the kid friendly one! Everyone’s favorite teacher…Mrs. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus!


For Mrs Frizzle Costume:

  • Purple Dress (found mine at Ross)
  • White collar shirt
  • Felt fabric sheets in primary colors (use to cut out all kinds planets- these were mainly circles of diff sizes layered on top of each other, stars, and letters)
  • Fabric glue (used to glue felt pieces together and to dress)
  • Lizard beanie baby (found mine at a children’s book store)

Then for Adult Only night, I went as a Dia de los Muertos Girl, the skeleton faced character from the Spanish Halloween celebration.

The make-up seemed intimidating but it actually turned out to be very easy to do!


A few you tube videos later, plus one black leotard (American Apparel), a black tulle crinoline (vintage store),and a red flower in my hair, and I was done!

Dia de los Muertos costume!


I used these  Dia de los Muertos make-up how to videos:

How To Hide Eyebrows with Glue Stick

Dia de los Muertos Make-Up Tutorial

Dia de los Muertos Hair & Make-up How To

In a few days I’ll be sharing my costume for this year and my progress on creating it!For more costume idea, take a look at my Geekery/Cosplay board on Pinterest.

So what will you be going as for Halloween??

~The Girl