Happy {DIY} Holidays

Decorations for the holidays can be exhausting, daunting, not to mention expensive for just a few weeks of enjoyment. So this year, rather than making separate Halloween and Thanksgiving decor, I made Fall decorations I was able to keep up from late September through Thanksgiving.

{DIY} Potion Bottles & Spell Book Covers

Book covers FREE printable from Little House on the Corner

{DIY} Fall Leaf Garland

  • I used scrapbook papers in various fall colors and a copy of the Declaration of Independence, since I was hanging it in my US History classroom.
  • After cutting out the leaves, I simply hole punched them and then strung them together using yarn.
  • Here is a great Fall Leaf Template, from the website of Lia Griffith

And then came Christmas time! I was a total Scrooge this year and opposed to decorating a tree. So instead, I took advantage of the chalkboard accent wall in my dining room and all the scrapbooking supplies I have, to create a more low-maintenance Christmas tree.

No vacuuming pine needles all month, YAY!

TIP: for pretty lettering, I just do an image search online “chalkboard typography” and whatever more specific thing I am looking for, in this case “Christmas”. This always brings up lots of possibilities and then you can just copy the lettering yourself, rather than having to¬† create your own design!

Happy Holidays,

~The Girl


Classroom Makeover

I began teaching US History at a wonderful private school last spring that I absolutely love. Before leaving for the summer, our principal told the faculty that he would love to see us be creative when decorating our classrooms and that we should feel free to create our dream teaching environment. Well, I was so excited to have my own classroom this year and be in a school that valued creativity and creating an amazing learning environment for kids that I really took his suggestion to heart.

Plus, never give a DIY-addict free reign if you don’t mean it!

After LOTS of planning, agonizing over paint colors, many trips to antique malls near and far, more agonizing over paint colors, Ikea trip, many many Home Depot trips, and countless afternoons spent painting (thank you to my wonderful husband who helped me paint!), my classroom makeover if finally complete!

classroom makeover 101


Very proud of my map wall. The maps were an assortment from Paper Source and vintage and I put them up using flat metal tacks.


On the floating shelf from Ikea, I sourced from different antiques malls a vintage letter ‘A’, vintage scale, milk glass vase, vintage globe, and a framed copy of a Revolutionary War enlistment poster.






This black accent wall is chalkboard paint!





I am SO EXCITED about the results and cannot wait for school to start so I can spend time with the kids in this amazing space. I truly think every teacher should have a room they love so much that they look forward to working in it each day.

~The Girl