Purse to Vest

Defiance- Irisa Cosplay

I’m keeping this brief because I’m in the final crunch for DragonCon. This is the knife vest Irisa wears in the TV show Defiance on SyFy. I got the leather purse at Goodwill, deconstructed it, and then put it back together as the vest- only adding grommets and the lacing to the original materials the purse provided.


2 thoughts on “Purse to Vest

  1. Hey there. This is Marie. I was wondering if you are willing to make the Tardis dress and sell it to me? I really really really love your dress and I just have to have it for Halloween. Let me know how I can find a way to make a dress like yours. Thank you!

    Marie from ATL, GA

    • Marie, Thank you very much! I love a Dr. Who fan and especially one from Atlanta, such as myself. I am flattered but I do not do commissions. Most of my costumes are sewn to my exact measurements and I didn’t use a pattern for this dress, so cannot replicate it in other sizes easily. Best of luck for Halloween. Just use your creativity and I’m sure you will look fabulous!

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