The Piggy Apron

So I have been taking a bit of a break since DragonCon. All the costumes were great and I got tons of ideas for new projects, but after three straight days of Con my creative brain cells were burnt out and I was seriously overloaded.

I was just starting to feel guilty the other day, and starting to itch for a new project, when a good friend of mine contacted me for a sewing lesson. A few months ago she mentioned to me that she wanted to learn to sew and I volunteered to help her learn. Our previous sewing lesson consisted of me teaching her the basics on the sewing machine and making a basic square pillow.

This time around, she wanted to make an apron- a pig apron. I guess I should mention that she is a huge fan of pigs. In fact, she has her own website, My Pig Me Up, dedicated to all things piggy. So I grabbed my favorite vintage apron to use as inspiration and we headed to the fabric store.

The resulting apron came out super cute and she did a great job. I was super impressed with her ability to pick up the basics of sewing so fast.

The Piggy Apron

We started by cutting out the black band and apron and pinning it with pleats to give it a girly look.


After sewing the pleats in and hemming all the way around, we cut the pocket out of a contrasting fabric. She decided to put a pig nose on the pocket, so we used the same light pink as the apron.


Finally, we sewed buttons onto the nose to create the snout and two smaller buttons above to create eyes.

So Cute!!

Well, I hope she enjoys wearing it because I think it turned out super cute! Finally feels like Fall out, about you know what that means….did someone say Halloween? :D

~The Girl


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